Little Chubs Policies & Calendar

Help KEEP Little Chubs CLEAN and SAFE!

Little Chubs General Policy

  1. All adults and children must check-in at the counter before entering class or playground.

  2. All parents or caretakers, or other individuals over eighteen (18) years of age, are required to complete the waiver form before entering the play area. Our waiver highlights that we are an unsupervised playground and parents/caretakers are responsible for the supervision of their child (ren).

  3. Children must be accompanied & supervised by an adult at all times! Please Do Not leave children unattended. The adult is responsible for children’s safety and behavior.

  4. Little Chubs is a socks-only environment! Please bring socks to wear in the play area for adults and children. We have socks for purchase just in case.

  5. Our equipment is for children under 10 years old of ages. No adults are allowed in the equipment.

  6. No sick children or adults permitted. Little Chubs staff or management will assess symptoms of illness, and if considered necessary in the sole discretion of Little Chubs staff, such child and/or adult will be asked to leave and return once well for the safety of all.

  7. Hitting, kicking, punching, biting, spitting, any physical or verbal abuse of children or Little Chubs staff members are not permitted, violators will be asked to leave the facility.

  8. Please respect the equipment, the toys, and others. No sharp or glass objects allowed in the play area.

  9. Please leave food and drinks outside of the designated play area.

  10. There is no alcohol or smoking to allow inside Little Chubs.

  11. No changing diapers in any area other than designated restrooms.

  12. If you have a stroller, we ask that you fold your stroller, and place it in the designated area at the front as space is limited in our lobby.

  13. Little Chubs is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  14. If the playground is at maximum capacity, members in the playground will be asked to limit play to one hour and return later so that everyone may have a turn. Members seeking to enter the playground will be asked to wait patiently for a vacancy.

  15. Staff withholds the right to remove any child or adult if there are violent or inappropriate behaviors, and no refunds will be given. All are required to follow the directions and safety recommendations of Little Chubs Team Members.

  16. Little Chubs encourages advance reservations, as sometimes our hours change based on maintenance, birthday parties, and private rentals.

  17. Little Chubs will be closed on major holidays as specified on our website, Facebook, Google and Yelp for necessary repairs and in the event of extreme weather at the option of Little Chubs.

Please review Little Chubs Inc.'s policies with children and remember that all rules were established to ensure a safe and secure, yet enjoyable, time for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our facility and its use, please feel free to contact us.

Little Chubs Program/Activity Policies & Procedures

The program and its staff would like to welcome you to the Little Chubs.

Please take a moment and read this policy and procedure manual. Thank you!


  1. Children must be picked up at the dismissal time. There will be an additional charge ($5 for every 10 minutes) for late pickup.

  2. If we cannot reach the parents, guardian or the emergency contact person after an hour of dismissal time, we will contact the local precinct.

  3. You have to notify the program immediately if you authorize someone, other than parents or guardian, to pick up your child. (ID will be required)

  4. The program is not responsible for any incidents that occur outside of the center.

  5. If your child cannot come to school because of, for example, illness or traveling abroad, please notify our center as soon as possible in order to make appropriate and necessary arrangements.

  6. Monthly tuition payments are due prior to the first day of each calendar month. Payments must be received by the program before the tuition due date. Registration fee is $50, non-refundable and security deposit is $100.

  7. There is no refund policy, including but not limited to sickness, vacation, or absence from school due to any reasons. Tuition must be paid in full in order to reserve your child’s seat.

  8. If tuition and any other outstanding charges are not paid in full on time, attendance at our program will no longer be permitted until tuition is paid in full for the past due amount and for the current period. Otherwise, your child’s seat may be given to another child on the waiting list. In addition, a child will not be permitted to attend our program if he/she harms himself/herself or other children.

  9. You must notify our program and sign a discharge form at least one month in advance before withdrawing your child from the program. The tuition fee is non-refundable.

  10. There will be a $40 charge for returned checks

  11. You need to prepare one set of clean clothing and a spill-proof water cup/bottle for your child.

  12. For safety purposes, no bubble gums, candy or toys or jewelry are allowed inside our program. The program is not responsible for any missing toys or items.

  13. The program will not take any responsibility for medications or treatments if a child is sick. If your child has, for example, fever, red eyes, skin rash, or other contagious illness etc., he/she will not be allowed to attend the center. Your child should be given professional medical treatments, and stay at home until fully recovered. Children are not allowed to bring any medications to school.

  14. If neither guardian, parents or emergency cannot be reached, the child will be sent for professional medical treatment, an ambulance will be call and the parents will be responsible for the charges.

  15. Our program will be officially closed in the event of bad weather or any other emergency which necessitates the closing of the program by the School District. (Please be sure to check our Facebook page for update)

  16. The program reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if the program deems it to be in the best interest of the program to do so.

Little Chubs Membership and Play Pass Policies & Procedures

  1. The program is not responsible for any incidents that occur outside of the center.

  2. Subscription must be paid within 7 days of expiration. Membership will be terminated and a new registration fee will be charged if payment is not made within 7 days of expiration. The same goes for unlimited play pass.

  3. There is no refund for membership or play pass.  

  4. There will be a $40 charge for returned checks

  5. For safety purposes, no bubble gums, candy or toys or jewelry are allowed inside our playground. The playground is not responsible for any missing toys or items.

  6. Membership and play passes are non-transferable, violators will lose their membership and play pass privileges.

  7. Membership card/ Play pass ID must be shown before entry.

  8. The replacement card fee is $5.

  9. The child’s picture will be on the ID card to ensure security.

  10. Our playground will be officially closed in the event of bad weather or any other emergency which necessitates the closing of the program by the School District. (Please be sure to check our Facebook page for update)

  11. The playground reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if the playground deems it to be in the best interest of the playground to do so.

  12. You must follow all Little Chubs Policies.



Little Chubs Party Agreement

  1. Party reservation ONLY confirmed once you sign the party agreement and pay the $50 non-refundable deposit.

  2. The balance must pay in full and any add-ons are due and payable on the day of the event.

  3. Please note that all requests must be confirmed 5 days before the date of the party. No changes or additions can be made within the 5 days before the party.

  4. The final headcount of adults and children is required 2 days prior to the party.

  5. Little Chubs is an alcohol and smoke-free environment. (any violator will be asked to leave and there will be a fee added for cleanup)

  6. Reschedule or cancellations must be made at least 7 days advance notice to scheduled party date. If reschedule or cancellation does not occur within the minimum period, event fees paid in full may be required.

  7. Little Chubs is a SOCKS-ONLY environment (for kids and adults)! We have socks for purchase just in case.

  8. All party hosts and guests must observe the Little Chubs posted site policy.

  9. For insurance purpose, every parents/guardian that enters Little Chubs must sign a waiver for any child under the age of 18 that are under their care. No exceptions. Little Chubs has the right to refuse entry if the guardian does not sign a waiver. Birthday Party hosts are responsible to have their guests sign the waivers as well. For speed and convenience, we recommend accessing and signing before arriving.

  10. A responsible adult must accompany and supervise every child during birthday parties and private events. Little Chubs Inc. will assume no responsibility for unsupervised children attending private events.

  11. Each family must have at least one parent on-site for the entire time.

  12. Infant siblings (under 12 months crawlers), when accompanied by older siblings and supervising adults, attend free and are not included in the maximum count.

  13. The number of guests allowed per party is limited. Additional children and adults are charged extra $20 per child and $10 per adult. (Max 22 child and 44 adults)

  14. You will be given an additional 30 minutes before your event (Silver and Gold Star package) begins for setting up, for the Mini Star package you will be given 15 minutes before event start time.

  15. The party host/renter is responsible for damage to the site for the duration of the party; and responsible for the behavior of all guests and assumes responsibility for personal injury to party guests.

  16. When decorating – please use only the tape provided by the facility for hanging decorations. Failure to do so could damage the paint, in which case we reserve the right to charge for damages. The minimum amount of which is $100  (up to $1000).

  17. If an incident is to occur in which a participant of your party vomits or dirty the facility, there will be an extra charge of $100 for maintenance.

  18. The minimum fine of $150 will be assessed if the back door is opened.

  19. If the host does not turn over space after the allocated time, a fee will be charged, $25 for every 15 minutes. All overage of time will be round up to the nearest multiples of 15. (ie 10 minutes = 15 minutes)

  20. Add-ons and upgrades can be made at additional costs.

  21. Gratuity is not included in pricing; gratuity will be a minimum 10%.

  22. Little Chubs does not offer a refund, only store credit will be given.


  • Tuesday – Closed

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11:00 am -6:30 pm

  • Friday & Saturday: 11:00am - 7:30pm

  • Open play hours will vary on weekends and weekdays based on private party bookings

  • Updates will be posted on Facebook

Important Dates 2019 - 2020

               CLOSED                         Labor Day                               9/2/2019

               No Activities                Columbus Day                       10/14/2019

               No Activities                Veterans Day                            11/11/2019

               CLOSED                     Thanksgiving Day                    11/28/2019

               CLOSED                     Christmas Day                       12/25/2019

               No Activities                New Year Day                        1/01/2020

               No Activities            Martin Luther King Day            1/20/2020

               CLOSED                 Chinese New Year Day   1/25-1/28/2020

               No Activities                Presidents’ Day                       2/17/2020

               CLOSED                     Memorial Day                         5/25/2020

               CLOSED                     Independence Day                   7/4/2020

               CLOSED                         Labor Day                              9/7/2020

               No Activities                  Columbus Day                    10/12/2020

               No Activities                  Veterans Day                        11/11/2020

               CLOSED                     Thanksgiving Day                  11/26/2020

               CLOSED                     Christmas Day                     12/25/2020

We Accept Cash & Credit Cards! 

* There is a 5% card fee added.

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun : 11 am - 6:30 pm

Fri, Sat : 11 am - 7:30 pm

Tue: Closed 

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